Quiz: Can You Ace The Ultimate EMT Test?


How well do you know your medical terminology?

Test to see how well you know these medical terms. Are you an EMT? Prove your medical slang abilities with this quiz!

 Dec 07, 2017
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How do you control bleeding?
pour water on it
let it bleed
apply pressure
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How do you check if an airway is clear?
listen over their mouth and nose for breathing sound
hit their stomach
pinch their nose
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If someone is having a sever allergy attack then use a ______
cough suppressant
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When someone is seizing you should...
keep them away from harmful things
restrain their head
sit them up
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Who is a "paragod"?
An EMT who thinks they know everything
A beautiful lawyer
A religious doctor
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If you hear "code 99", it means _________.
there is CPR in progress on the street
there is a contagious child in the area
there are dangerous riot in the streets
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What does "code blue" mean?
Patient with hypothermia
Cardiac arrest in the ER
Child walking near the street
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"LOC" stand for __________.
Lightly out of control
Level of consciousness
Littering on campus
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What does "DNR" mean?
Do Not Resuscitate
Dance Night Revelation
Dramatic Nosebleed Right
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When someone says "DOB" they are talking about...
Duty of boys
Date of birth
Don't get out of bed
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Which describes having a fever?
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What is vertigo?
A violent patient
A doctor who is well-liked
A feeling that the room is spinning
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What is "blunt trauma"?
An injury that is bleeding profusely
An injury that is caused by blunt force - no open wound
An injury that needs stitches
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When a paramedic says "ETOH" it means...
someone is sleepy
A nickname for the ambulance
Ethanol - or that the patient has been drinking
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What is a defibrillator machine?
a machine that sends an electric shock to the heart
an exercise machine
a machine to help you eat
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