Winona Ryder's Faces At The SAG Awards 2017 Are LITERALLY ALL OF US

"Winona Ryder's reactions deserve their own award."

Sunday night's SAG Awards were a basket full of emotions: from outrage to gratitude, the stars brought it. The most impressive performance, however, might be awarded to Winona Ryder. During fellow Stranger Things star David Harbour's acceptance speech for the series' win in the Best Ensemble Drama category, Winona didn't hold back.

David Harbour, who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper, wowed the audience with his impassioned words.

"This award from you who take your craft seriously and earnestly believe, like me, that great acting can change the world [and] is a call to arms from our fellow craftsmen and women to go deeper," he said. "And, through our art, to battle against fear, self-centeredness, and exclusivity of our predominately narcissistic culture. And, through our craft, to cultivate a more empathetic and understanding society by revealing intimate truths that serve as a forceful reminder to folks that when they feel broken and afraid and tired, they are not alone."

Winona's emotions are a show of their own.

Twitter was quick to point out her expressive facial expressions.

Winona goes through it all, and girl, we feel you.

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