Why Society Underestimates The Female Sex Drive

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Are ladies really less horny than men?

From a very young age, it was constantly made evident to me how the two genders feel about sex: Men are animals, craving it at all times and going to great lengths to get it; Women use it to get what they want, or to appease their partner, but do not get a fraction of the amount of pleasure that men do from the act.

Or, at least, that's what the world wants us to think.


The situation is played out on nearly every television series in America. The men are out at a bar desperately trying to get laid while the women are uninterested, or dangle the opportunity for sex in front of the guys as a reward for good behavior.

Recent research, however, is demonstrating that females have a higher sex drive than we used to think. In fact, studies from two Canadian universities showed that men are underestimating their partner's libido.

The men in the relationships for this study nearly always underestimated their partner's desire, whereas the women accurately predicted their partner's level of desire most of the time.

Why is this happening? Probably because society continues to spread this idea that women are sexual desire-less creatures.


"Consider this—when this study started making news this week, the most common headlines were some variation of 'Women are more interested in sex than you think' or 'Hey guys, women want sex more often than you think,'" Taryn Hillin noted in an article on Fusion.

"These headlines assume that we, the readers, believe women are not interested in sex to begin with, and so this news is somehow shocking."

Ladies, are we shocked to find out that women enjoy sex?


So, why is it that men seem to be entirely perplexed by the idea of a female sex drive?

The Canadian study did report that in most situations the men reported higher levels of sexual desire overall than women. The authors noted this as a potential reason why men tend to underestimate the female libido - they assume that it is less than their own (which may be true), but they struggle gauging the actual level beyond that.

Ultimately, the study showed that women's sexual desires are still much higher than their partners imagined it to be, so we think it's safe to say that they guys are taking their "she doesn't want sex" and "female isn't a sexual gender" assumptions too far.

Newsflash: women are horny too!


Unfortunately, women, too, have been contributing to the myth that women are always less sexual than men.

Women have long falsified their reported libido. A study done in 2013 demonstrated how students, when asked about their masturbation and porn-watching habits, tended to lie in order to fulfill their gender stereotype.

Meaning that men tended to overreport and women tended to underreport their sexual tendencies.

Women have been afraid to admit to their sex drive because they feel as if it is not socially acceptable. This is only further leading to the misconception that women do not have libido.

But guess what? WE DO.


So what does all of this mean?

What we need to come to realize is that every human being, regardless of their gender, is going to have different sexual desires. Women are allowed to be sexual. So are men.

Women want to be recognized as a gender that is allowed to have a libido. Men want women to have a libido. So in the end, isn't this a win-win for us all?


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