This Just In: Kids Get Their Brains From Their Mothers

Sorry dads - it looks like mom is to thank for all the intelligence that runs in the family!

Well... causing no shock to most of us (wink wink), intelligence is passed on through the mother.

That's right... if your kids are smart, you can officially take credit for it!

Research has shown that the mother's genetics are what contributes to a child's intelligence, and the father's genes make little to no difference.

Intelligence genes are carried on the X chromosome, which women have two of, while men only carry one. Furthermore, scientists now believe that the genes for advanced cognitive functions from the father may be automatically deactivated. It appears as if the conditioned genes from the father that lead to advanced cognitive functions such as reasoning, thought, and logic, are shut off.

However, fathers... do not despair. Research has also shown that genetics don't determine intelligence alone. Only about 40-60% of intelligence is hereditary, meaning that the environment a child grows up in can play a huge role in their cognitive abilities as well.

So, ladies, thank your mothers for your incredible genes. And just know that you can now take full accountability for how smart your child is.

She really did get it from her mamma!

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