The Three Safety Tips Absolutely All Women Need To Know


As a woman, there are things that I find myself doing that I know my male counterparts do not need to worry about. I am careful to walk to the parking garage at night with a coworker, I share my location with my friends when I get in an uber, and I never exercise after dark. Unfortunately, too many of us think 'it wouldn't happen to me'. But it does. It happens to us over and over again. And frequently, we are not prepared for the worst when it comes at us.

Too often, women who are attacked are not prepared and do not know how to react to the situation. Below are three simple tips to help you stay safe.

1. Be Smart

This seems obvious, right? Well unfortunately, it isn't. The amount of times my roommate goes for a run after dark without her phone, or that a friend walks a couple of blocks home from the bar alone is truly scary when you think about what could happen.

Avoid going out alone at night. If you need to, use Apple's "Share My Location" feature, or better yet, download an app like Companion to ensure that your time alone can be tracked.

Make sure you have someone who knows your plans. This seems a little over paranoid, but if your roommate knows you are supposed to be home by 8 PM and you aren't, they are a lot more likely to check on you than if they just assumed 'everything is fine'.

Have a plan. Do your best to avoid unfamiliar areas after dark, and make sure you to know well lit routes to travel through.

Be alert - no matter where you are. This one is big, since even if you are in an area you feel very comfortable in, you could still get attacked. Be vigilant, take your headphones out of your ears, get off your phone, and pay attention. You never know who could be waiting for you to distractedly walk into their trap.

2. Be Prepared