The Love Between Ellen DeGeneres And The Obamas Is REAL

Ellen Degeneres, obama

all of the feels

The time is now: we officially need to add former before the words "President Barack Obama". And, unsurprisingly, the world is mourning his departure from the White House in their own ways.

One special farewell, however, comes from comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who has always had a special relationship with the Obama family.

To pay a final tribute to Barack, who helped make her marriage to now-wife Portia de Rossi legal, Ellen dedicated her entire show on Thursday to Obama by taking a look back at the time she spent with him and first lady Michelle Obama over the past eight years.

It wasn't all feels and tears, however. Understandably, Ellen photoshopped herself into Obama's farewell, sitting proudly next to Michelle.

Praise to Ellen and praise to the Obamas. We love you.

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