The Five Self-Defense Moves You Need To Learn Right Now

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Five moves to take down any attacker, anywhere.

When it comes to self-defense, there is no one size fits all. Practice the moves below with a friend to find out what you are most comfortable with. The more you practice and the more that you feel comfortable with the moves, the better you'll be at them if the unthinkable ever happens.

Gouge Out Their Eyes

In order to effectively impair your attacker, grab them behind their ears with your fingers, and then reach with your thumbs to poke their eyes. This may sound gruesome, but it is super handy in the adrenaline of the moment. By grabbing their ears, it ensures that your thumbs will reach their eyes.

This move is especially great, as you can do it to an attacker from in front or behind, whether or not you can see them. As soon as you find their ears, swing your thumbs around into their eyes and poke - hard.

Drive Up Their Nose

If they are already close to you, you can use the heel of your palm to push upwards into their nose. This can cause maximum damage without much physical power from you.

This move can be difficult to master, but in the heat of a moment, it is a good fall back.

Jab Their Throat

If they are coming at you quickly, you can make a U with your hand (as if you were holding a large cup), and use all of your force (don't forget to include your body weight!) to jab them quickly and powerfully in the throat.

This is an easy move to practice - and practice makes perfect! Train yourself to practice jabbing while you're brushing your teeth or while you're waiting for your nails to dry. A few practice hits will create that muscle memory so that if the unthinkable happens, your body is prepared with a reaction.

Kick Their Knee

The knee is a GREAT target (unlike the groin, which you might expect but is easily predictable). If the attacker is not close enough yet to do any of the moves above, don't step in closer to them - give their knee a powerful kick. Use the bottom of your foot to deliver a steady and forceful kick to either the front or the back of the knee - either can do some damage!

Rag Doll

This is less of a self-defense move but just a move that I wish every woman knew. If you ever are grabbed from behind by an attacker and potentially lifted off the ground, your first instinct might be to push against them and flail. Unfortunately, by putting your body weight against them, you're only giving them more control over you. Instead, lift up your arms and drop your body weight to the ground. Once you're there, begin kicking and punching and screaming - most attackers will quickly lose interest in you and flee.

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So go on - give these moves some practice and you will be feeling confident and safe in no time!

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