The Black Moon Tonight Does Not Mean The End Of The World


So y'all can stop repenting your sins, now.

Some of you may have heard that today the world is ending.

That's right, rumor has it that we've got an apocalypse on our hands!

Well, we've got some good news for all of you who wanted to live to see another Friday.

The world is not ending.

I repeat - the world is not ending!!

I'll give you all a moment to breathe your sighs of relief and call and cancel your last minute appointment with your priest to confess your sins.

So now that you are frantically un-cancelling your Friday night plans, you might want to hear what this astrological phenomenon actually is.

A black moon is simply the second new moon in the month. Yup, that's all folks.

All of you silly doomsayers hopefully at least consumed a few extra chocolate calories or participated in a few raunchy shenanigans in order to live your last days to the fullest. But unlike some websites are claiming, the Black Moon is nothing more than a routine lunar occurrence.

You might know all about full moons and blue moons, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with new moons, they are just when we cannot see the moon. It is not visible to us on Earth because it is perfectly in line with the sun, which thus entirely blocks its shine (freaking sun always trying to steal the moon's thunder).

So there you have it. A black moon is only a second new moon. A new moon is only the sun being perfectly in line with the moon.

And a word of wisdom to all of you running around with tin foil hats on worshiping the stars - don't believe everything you read online.

Happy not apocalypse day, people!!!

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