Snaps That Prove That Kids Today Are Screwed

Snapchat fails... what has society come to?

1. The problems start young...

The poor baby who is just trying to spend some quality time with his mom, who is much more concerned about spending 15 minutes drawing a cool snap with a trendy pokemon reference.

2. These babies of millenials are suffering

The dad who was more concerned about eating his chips and queso (and snapchatting the saga to prove it happened) than cleaning off his innocent daughter's head.

3. Then they grow up...

And we need to start questioning their judgements of posting selfies and also their spelling and understanding of the world.

4. Seriously... who is letting these kids go out unsupervised?

Seriously questioning the world we live in.

5. They are NOT safe alone!!!

This girl is risking suffocation via cellophane tape rn.

6. "Do it for the snap" is now a way of life

Because why WOULDN'T you pour Thyme out all over your hands, making a substantial mess in the process, just so you could get a killer snap? Seems logical.

7. The world is a dangerous place

But luckily we have good samaritans out there trying to make it just a little bit better.

8. You can't trust kids with anything nice...


9. We can't trust them with the simplest of tasks

Yeah, yeah, definitely stop and take a snap before calling the fire department!

10. One word: sexting.

At least he's trying to be a little romantic?

11. Sexting is getting to be a VERY, VERY scary thing.

This is what the world has come to.

12. Every kid these days has a dirty mind


13. And those dirty minds are distracting them from their math problems

And for real... HOW did he spot that?!

14. They'll even turn yogurt into something sexual...

She IS a hottie, I'll give you that.

15. Multitasking is proving to be too hard for them.

Snapping and walking isn't an option. There can be serious consequences.

16. See?! Snapping can be dangerous!

And yet she keeps snapping...

17. Nobody is safe

Even the police have the potential to be randomly featured in a snap story.

18. THIS is a real snapchat

Nah dude, just let the puppy drown and take a snap instead!

19. And finally... THIS is out there in the world.

Bravo, sir. Bravo.

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