Snapchat July 2017 Update: Multi-Snap And Tint Brush

How to use Multi-Snap and Tint Brush, Snapchat's newest features!

Snapchat July 2017 Update: How To Use Snapchat's Newest Features

Snapchat has been crushing the game lately with new fun tools and features. But their latest update is about to change the game. The Snapchat July 2017 Update introduces two amazing new features: Multi-Snap and Tint Brush. These tools continue to boost Snapchat's street cred, giving users the ability to record videos longer than 10 seconds (hooray!), as well as change colors in their pictures. These new features, launched earlier today, are giving us all new reasons to snap a few selfies.

How To Use Multi-Snap

This new recording tool will allow users to record up to six consecutive 10-second-long Snaps. How many times have we been trying to get the perfect moment in a Snap, but then miss it because our 10 seconds is up? Snapchat's newest update to the rescue! The videos will all be uploaded as one long segment, also, so no more confusion on Snaps getting jumbled around.

To use Multi-Snap, you simply hold down the record button past the 10-second mark. The videos will continue to record as long as you hold it down (up to six videos, or 60 seconds), and then they will automatically load onto a preview page chronologically.

You can then edit the videos, decorate them with filters and stickers, or delete any individual videos you don't like. They will be uploaded consecutively, where your friends can watch them normally in the correct order. No extra hassle!

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How To Use The Tint Brush

This new tool is going to be coloring the entire world - literally. To use, simply click the scissor icon in the Vertical Toolkit, and find the paintbrush looking icon for the Tint Brush tool. It is at the bottom of the icon row, below the backdrops, magic eraser, and custom stickers.

Pick the color you would like to use first, and then trace the object you'd like to change. Boom! You can now turn your cat purple, your hair blue, or the sky green. The opportunities here are truly endless.

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And there you have it! Make sure you've updated your Snapchat app to the latest version, and your new features should be good to go!

Happy snapping!