The Definitive List of Every Disney Princess and Her Prince Charming

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The men that all of the Disney Princesses fell in love with while Moana was too busy saving the world.


Walt Disney Pictures

We have come to learn over the weekend that Moana, Disney's newest Princess, will have no love interest in the upcoming Disney film.

“There is no romance in the movie,” Director John Musker said Thursday at Comic-Con, according to Entertainment Weekly. Instead, they explained, the movie is focused on the young heroine finding herself.

Okay, so we are all about this. Disney has long been criticized for its princesses focusing their lives (or at least their movies) on finding love. It is inspiring to see the company taking this feedback and bringing its films into the 21st century. Because of this recent Moana news, we were inspired to do a little reflecting on the past Disney Princesses and their love interests. Unfortunately, we've come to find that Moana will be spending a lot of Disney Princess parties at an empty single's table, as nearly every other Disney Princess film has ended in a couple. Let's take a look, shall we?

Princess Snow White and The Prince

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Ah, Snow White. The infamous "Someday My Prince Will Come". Snow White, unfortunately, was pushed around her entire life by her evil step mother, who was jealous of her beauty. So from the start, this film does an excellent job of teaching women that their primary value in society is their looks. After almost being killed by the huntsman and being taken in by the seven dwarves, Snow White proves that women DO have another value: cooking and cleaning for men. Eventually she is risen from a poison-inducing sleep by true love's first kiss. And in case you forgot, true love between Snow White and her Prince was established simply through the prince seeing how beautiful she looked while singing. Their "falling in love" lasted about two minutes. Bravo, Snow White, bravo.

Princess Cinderella and Prince Charming

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Cinderella has spent her time after her father's passing being forced to do all of the cleaning and cooking for her step family. When she finally is given the chance of a lifetime through the appearance of her fairy godmother, what does Cinderella wish for? Her father to come back to life? A chance to escape her evil family? Some money to start her own cleaning business? Nah. She asks for a dress and a carriage. She then can make her way to the ball and charm Prince Charming into falling in love with her. I mean, who wouldn't be in love simply through a beautiful face, an extravagant gown, and of course, a single wordless dance. It's the dream: falling in love before the guy even knows your name. Definitely a recipe for happily ever after. Good thing Cinderella lost that glass slipper - or she would have never escaped her evil stepfamily and found her true love!

Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip

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At birth Aurora is destined to be betrothed to Prince Phillip. Luckily, they've walked with each other "Once Upon A Dream", so the whole betrothal thing isn't really cramping her style. However, the evil Maleficent manages to curse Aurora, which causes her to fall into a deep sleep that only "true love's first kiss can break". I mean really Disney? Aren't there any other cures out there? Anyway. Prince Phillip comes in to save the day - and they all live happily ever after. True to form, Aurora and Phillip have simply celebrated a dance and a song together, which is obviously enough to cause them to fall in love, right?

Princess Ariel and Prince Eric

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Ariel is the epitome of teen angst. Eric, all she wants is to be "Part of Your World"! And her dang father won't let her. Backstory on this one rings true to Disney: Ariel falls in love with Eric simply because, you know, he's handsome. He hears her singing and falls back in love with her (okay, she also did save his life). She trades her voice for a pair of legs and she almost loses him to the evil Ursula who tricks him into loving her by using Ariel's voice - apparently Eric was going to marry whatever woman was the best singer. We understand where his priorities are! Long story short, of course the Princess gets a happy ending and forgives her prince charming for his ahem mistake.

Princess Belle and The Beast

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So Belle does pull us out of the falling in love after two minutes arena. We give the girl props for sticking to her guns and actually falling in love with someone who she has had more than a dance and a duet with. AND she actively is against the constant advances of Gaston, who spews out charming lines such as "It’s not right for a woman to read. She gets ideas and starts thinking." Groan. In terms of love interests, we'd give Belle and big old Disney A+ for not judging a book by its cover and learning to love someone for who they are deep down.

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin

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Disney is starting to move up in the world, as they are now at least demonstrating that it is not realistic to fall in love with someone after two minutes. That being said, Jasmine does make some questionable moves. Letting a new suitor ride her around on a magic carpet? Didn't the Sultan ever teach Jasmine about "Stranger Danger"?! She does take a strong stance on not wanting to marry just anyone (ahem Snow White could learn a thing or two), so we'll give Jasmine some credit for that.

Princess Pocahontas and John Smith

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Now we're truly getting into the era of Disney Princesses with personalities... YES us women can do more than just sing and cook and look beautiful! Pocahontas is fighting to save her people, and she is not afraid to teach old Johnny boy a few lessons in the process! The most empowering moment from this film (and there are quite a few!) is when Pocahontas chooses to stick with her tribe rather than follow John Smith back to the New World. Finally a movie where the princess doesn't just blindly follow her boyfriend. You go girl!

Princess Mulan and General Li Shang

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Alright. We all know it. Mulan is a badass. She pretends to be a man in order to replace her father in the army. She pulls all of her own weight and is never caught up in the typical girly standards usually cast upon Disney Princesses. Of course, she does fall in love throughout the movie. But it is a gradual process that builds through friendship and trust, which we feel is a much better lesson than the prior Disney way of 'falling in love after a single song'.

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

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Tiana had clearly seen Cinderella, because when she gets her one wish, she doesn't wish for a dress. She opens up her own restaurant and in the process falls in love with Prince Naveen. Throughout the film she teaches him the value of hard work and their relationship develops through test and trials. Tiana is arguably the most empowering princess in the Disney Princess series, as she has her own dreams and pursues them. She IS about to give it all up to remain a frog with her true love, but hey, at least she's gotten to know him throughout the film and is not Ariel giving up her voice for a man she's never even spoken to. Tiana could teach that mermaid a thing or two.

Princess Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

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Yet another spunky princess being dominated by an evil and jealous woman, Rapunzel simply longs for freedom and love. Unlike the other captive princesses, Rapunzel does not fall in love with the first man she meets. She simply convinces Flynn to help her explore the world and get her to see the lanterns on her birthday (eventually leading her to find her parents and the true story of her life). Flynn and Rapunzel DO fall in love, but it is definitely not the main focus of the film. AND he still loves her after she loses her long, glowing, beautiful blonde hair. So at least we know Flynn isn't completely shallow.

Princess Merida

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Merida is Moana's only single leading lady: the only other Disney Princess who had no love interest in her film. The film does revolve around Merida trying to fight off her potential suitors and not get married, but you know, Disney apparently knows few other ways for the Princesses to prove their empowerment. Still, Merida is kind, bold and brave. So we can't help but love her.

Princess Elsa and Princess Anna

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Although Anna and Elsa aren't technically Disney Princesses, they deserve an honorable mention. Elsa finally states what we have all been thinking for years: "You can't marry a man you just met!" So we appreciate her for that. And we should cut Anna some slack... she really didn't know any better, having grown up in isolation. Although Anna does presumably end up with Kristoff, at least in this Disney film, true love is about a sisterly bond, not a romanic love that developed after two minutes.

So, there you have it. The definitive sequential history of Disney Princess love. Although Moana will not have a lot of friends at the single's table, there are quite a few empowering princesses that she'll join ranks with. Disney has without a doubt continued to modernize their stories, and we cannot wait to watch Moana on the big screen!

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