In With The Body Oil And Out With The Body Lotion

Save your skin!

Most of us have probably heard that trick question - "What is the biggest human organ? Your skin!!". But often people are not as cautious as they need to be when it comes to what they are using to take care of this busy organ. According to Dr. Sarah Villafranco, your skin absorbs nearly 60% of what you put on it. Which just means that as the largest organ you've got, you should take extra good care of it!

You use lotion in an attempt to hydrate your skin. So, naturally, most lotions are about 65% water. BUT in order to sustain the water and keep it from molding, lotions need to use preservatives. And while the types of preservatives in lotions have improved in the last decade, there are still many flaws in this system. In addition to the preservatives, many lotions contain fragrances, which can have hundreds of chemicals that aren't great for your body.

So, what's a girl to do? You want to keep your body hydrated, don't you? Well, there's hope!

Body oils are not made up of water, simply oils. Thus, they do not need preservatives. In addition, many of the oils have natural fragrances, and thus do not have harsh chemicals in them that can harm your body.

The one downside to body oils is that you apply them to wet skin and it takes a few minutes to dry. That being said, it just gives you an excuse to dance around naked a little bit after you shower, am I right?

Switching from lotions to body oils is one of the greatest ways to keep your hormones and natural body oils balanced - and who doesn't want softer, cleaner, and smoother skin?

Bring on the oil!

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