If You Haven't Tried Cat Yoga Yet, Trust Us, You Need To

WTOP / Rachel Nania

Can you say "meowmaste"?

Everyone knows that animal shelters can struggle finding homes for the furry little friends they house. One Georgia-based shelter, however, has come up with a unique and creative way to drive adoption: yoga with cats.


One of the managers of the shelter, along with a volunteer who happens to be a certified yoga instructor, got the idea for the class after seeing a cat video on the internet. "I thought, why not bring the class to the shelter?" said the instructor, Lisa Bass.

The shelter manager, Lisa Johns, thought it would be the perfect way to drive people to see the adoptable animals.

Although Bass donates her time, participants pay a fee that in turn goes to support the animals.


Unsurprisingly, the class is a hit, selling out nearly as soon as the times are put up online.

"I really like the class and really like hanging out with all the cats," said Katie Misencik, a volunteer and regular yoga practitioner. "It's all about fun and is a little more relaxing," she said, comparing it to other yoga classes she has taken. "There's not as much pressure to make my form perfect."


There are undoubtably many benefits to yoga, such as improved balance, breathing, and overall health. However, Bass claims that this class provides a further benefit: "Cat yoga is good for your soul."


Although the cats can be a little distracting during the class, the participants laugh and enjoy the company. In this Cat Yoga course, the cats and the humans get some pretty amazing benefits.

"You're not just doing something healthy for yourself," Johns said. "You are doing a bit of good too for these shelter cats that will only get even more adoptable with the extra time and attention."

Yoga and kittens and physical and emotional benefits? Sign me up. Namaste!

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