I Said Yes To Everything For An Entire Month And It Changed My Life

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I might have gotten pneumonia, but it was worth it.

Saying "yes" is something that I've always been pretty good at. I'm naturally inclined to go out of my way for others and I have such bad FOMO that I'm intrinsically motivated to participate in most offers that come my way.

This 'saying yes' assignment, however, could not have come at a better time. Let me set the scene a little bit for you...

I moved out to LA over the summer, with about zero friends, a new job, and a long distance boyfriend. It was quickly easy for me to bury myself in my work and in my relationship with a man who was literally on the opposite side of the country.

I found myself working about ten hours a day, and then going home to a Skype session and a glass of wine alone. Here or there I would be invited to grab a drink with a coworker or a friend, but often I would claim I was too tired and not pursue it.

At the time I didn't realize it - but I was lonely AF.


Then comes November. The boyf and I realize it's not working; we break up. I am sad for a hot second, but throughout it all I come to realize that I have nothing going on for me in California.

The epiphany eventually hits: I am the person who got myself into this lonely life in la la land, and I am the only one who can get myself out of it.

Three dating profiles and a few bottles of wine later, I decided it was time for me to say "YES"... yes to every opportunity that came my way. I had one month left of 2019, and I was going to make it the best month of my year.

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Now, you were promised a story about how saying "yes" changed my life. Did I end up doing completely reckless, crazy things? Did I adopt a dog? Did I end up in a random country where no one spoke English with a guy named Klaus? Did I agree to sing karaoke and get discovered by Justin Bieber's agent? No.

But I did learn a lot about myself - and about finding happiness.

SO. How did I change my life?

I started making plans. I committed to going on at least 3 dates a week, and saying yes to any advances from age-appropriate and non-creepy men at bars. I stopped saying "I'm too tired" when I was invited to do something after work, or "I'll see if I can make it" to an event where I didn't know anyone. Instead, I starting responding "absolutely, I will be there," and "thank you so much for thinking of me."

I kid you not, I went from a circle of about four people in Los Angeles to a continually budding network of friends over 30 people deep.

Some highlights of my 'saying yes' adventure?

  • I sat in prime seats at an LA Rams game, a team I've never supported in my life but thoroughly enjoyed watching lose to the Atlanta Falcons

  • I got to go to a party in a $1,000 suite at a luxurious West Hollywood hotel

  • I went on countless Hinge / Bumble dates before realizing online dating maybe isn't my thing (but definitely broke me out of my shell)

  • I met my first celebrity at a quiet Manhattan Beach gathering

  • I committed to three exciting trips with friends in 2020

  • I went on a date to a beautiful Leonard Cohen tribute in DTLA and had potentially the most romantic kiss of my life

  • And most importantly, I learned that the ONLY way to live life is by saying YES, taking risks, and putting yourself out there


And, to give you a little follow-up info... the fun didn't stop once my experiment was over.

So far I have...

  • Attended a comedy show where I got to see Pete Wentz (yes, from Fall Out Boy) perform standup

  • I went out on a literal movie picture perfect first date, dancing down the Santa Monica Pier with the hottest Australian guy I have ever seen (yes, sexy accent included)

  • I went to an LA Kings Hockey game that I would have previously turned down for no reason at all

  • I agreed to go to the movies with the random man who kindly returned my best friend's lost cell phone to her after she drunkenly left it in an uber

  • I created, and then checked four restaurants off, my LA Eats bucket list

  • I almost got a lip tattoo (the place was closed, or else I'd proudly be sporting the word "yes" on the inside of my lip rn)

  • I have gone to four boozy brunches and lived to tell the tale

  • I lost my voice twice, and potentially have pneumonia (going to the doctor tomorrow... fingers crossed for me people!!)


Okay, so that last one isn't great. But you know what? I don't regret a single second of my 2020 year so far.

I have spent every minute of this year living my life to the fullest I can. ALL because I learned how to say "yes."

And guess what? YES. I have never been happier.

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