How To Save A Wet Cell Phone

phone, water


1. Take it out of water ASAP

As quickly as you possibly can, remove the phone from water and turn it off immediately. Leaving it on could cause it to short circuit.

2. Remove all external pieces

If you can remove your SIM card or your battery, do so immediately after taking your phone out of the water. Also take off your case, any memory cards, headphone etc. Pat everything dry and set it on a clean cloth.

3. Dry your phone

Carefully pat your phone dry with a clean towel. Avoid shaking the phone during this process, as it may cause water to leak further into the hardware.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner, not a hair dryer

Contrary to popular belief, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner to try to dry your phone. A vacuum cleaner will pull water out of the phone, whereas a hair dryer might end up just damaging the device further by pushing the water deeper into it. You could also place your phone near a fan or a heater to try to dry the air.

5. Place your phone in rice

Place your phone in rice to try to absorb as much moisture as possible. Leave the phone in the rice for as long as possible - at least overnight, if not for 24 hours. Do not turn the phone on during this time. Rotating your phone to be set in new positions during this time could help any excess water leak out better.

6. Place your phone on a towel to check for extra moisture

After letting it sit overnight, place your phone on a towel in an attempt to see if there is any remaining moisture in the phone. If there is, redo the vacuuming and rice steps.

7. Test your phone

After all of this, it is now time to test your phone. Turn it on, if it has fully dried and if you have waited the full 24 hours.

8. Charge your phone

If the above step is not turning your phone on, trying charging it first and see if that gets any response!

9. Take your phone to an authorized dealer

If none of the above steps are successful, bring your phone into an authorized dealer to see if they can help.

10. Set to go!

Hopefully one of these steps is able to help! Be sure to wait the full 24 hours, and in the future maybe invest in a more protective case!

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