How To Play New Girl's True American Drinking Game

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"So, it's 50% drinking game, 50% life-size Candy Land." - Jess

Working Rules

The following rules stray a little from what you might see in New Girl in the episode 'Normal', but they are the rules that best enable a successful and fun game.

In Summary

The purpose of the game is for the players to take turns trying to win steps in order to navigate the tables, chairs, and cushions which are the only escape from the floor, which is molten lava. At the center of the game is a castle made of one bottle of alcohol and many beers. As players travel around the game area, they grab beers and drink them. Once all of the beers have been finished, the first player to reach the bottle of alcohol, finish their beer, and take a swig from bottle, wins the game.

WARNING: As always, use caution when playing any sort of game in conjunction with drinking alcohol. Know your limits. Drink responsibly and legally. Play at your own risk.

The Castle

The Castle is made up of one bottle of a liquor of your choosing and many cans of beer (this varies depending on the number of players). The liquor is the King and sits in the middle of the Castle. The cans of beer are the Pawns and the Soldiers of the Secret Order. The Pawns are lined up in four lines spread out in the shape of a cross, all pointing directly to the King. These lines of Pawns also signify the barriers between each zone. The game is over when all of the Pawns/ Soldiers have been drank and a player drinks from the King.

The Zones

There are four zones, each with five spaces where a player can stand. The center space in each zone is the only space where the Pawns can be taken and thus it is the closest space to the Castle. There are a total of four of these spaces, one for each team. The spaces at the beginning and end of each zone are the farthest away from the Castle.


Before the game starts, determine how many beers total should be drank and setup the Castle with those beers as the Pawns and Soldiers. Using the lines of Pawns as barriers between the zones; designate each zone, making sure to have 5 spaces in each zone as described above. The game typically consists of four people, or four teams.

Starting the Game

After setup is finished, players have a shotgun contest to determine who has the first turn. If no player wisher to shotgun a beer, play rock-paper-scissors instead. To start the game, the winner of this contest yells "One, two three, JFK!" at which point all other players yell "FDR", grab a Pawn from the Castle, and retreat to any space.


Players move around the game area in a clockwise direction. The player whose turn it is always moves one space; however, the other players must "win" their steps. This player has three ways to provide the other players with a way to win their move:

  1. The Count: All players yell "One, two, three" and then hold a number of fingers, between one and five, against their foreheads. Anyone holding a number that no one else has chosen wins. Winners may move one spot. If you are playing with teams, the number that is least present is the winning number.

  2. Complete a Quote: The player slowly speaks a quote from history or pop culture. Any other player that is able to jump in and complete the quote in tandem wins. Winners may move two spots.

  3. Something in Common: The player may yell out two people, places, or things. Any other player that can reply with what these two things have in common wins. Winners may move three spots.

Players must always have a beer in their hand and may not have more than three at any one time. Players may only take a Pawn from the Castle when they are in one of the four center spaces.


After all Pawns have been removed, the King is vulnerable. The first player to land on one of the center spaces, finish their beer and take a swig from the King, wins the game!


If you are caught without a beer or with only an empty beer, you lose. If you step in (or fall into) molten lava, you lose. To enter back into the game, drink one full beer and start on a space that the other players decide.

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