How To Barricade Your Door From An Intruder

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Easy tips on how to stay safe in an unimaginable situation.

It is a situation none of us want to imagine: an unknown person breaking into your home and threatening your life. The following tips are ways that you can barricade yourself into a room to try to avoid them, and then immediately call 911 for help.

1. Use A Chair To Block The Door

This is the easiest and most reliable trick - take the back of a chair and jam it underneath the handle of the door. If done properly, the chair should be leaning back so its front feet are in the air. Ensure that the chair will not move. This makes it so the doorknob is un-turnable, and so you can safely remain in your room while you call the police.

2. Put As Many Heavy Objects As Possible In Front Of The Door

This works if the door opens inwards, towards the room you are in. Carefully put a large item - like a bookshelf, for example - in front of the door so that is directly touching the handle. This will make it difficult for the intruder to push the door open. The heavier the item, the better.

3. Tie A Rope Around The Door Handle

If you have any sort of rope or tie, tie it around the door handle and tie the other side to another handle or sturdy structure in the room - such as a beam. This will inhibit the intruder from being able to twist the door handle.

4. Call The Police Immediately

As soon as you are safely in your hiding place, call 911 and give them as many details about your situation as possible.

5. Stay Quiet, Stay Safe

Until the intruder knows your location, avoid speaking out to them or shouting. You want to remain hidden for as long as possible.

6. Speak In Plural

If the intruder does know where you are, say things like "WE have already contacted the police, they are on their way". If the intruder thinks there are multiple people in the room, they will feel more intimidated.

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