Here Is Why Every OITNB Inmate Is At Litchfield

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Find out the crimes each Orange is the New Black character committed to land her in prison.

1. Piper Chapman

LAUNDERING MONEY. Piper helped Alex Vause smuggle drug money ten years before she landed in prison.

2. Alex Vause

LAUNDERING MONEY/ NARCOTICS. Alex smuggled money for a major drug cartel, got Piper involved, and they both ended up in prison because of it.

3. Galina "Red" Reznikov

UNKNOWN. We know that her husband owns a restaurant that Russian mobsters frequent. We also know that out of anger at one point in a flashback, Red punches and ruptures the mob boss’ wife’s breast, and they are forced to pay them $60,000. This gets Red and her husband further involved with the mafia, although at this point in the series we are not exactly sure what her crime is.

4. Poussey Washington

UNKNOWN. We haven’t seen her actual crime in her flashbacks yet, but we do know that she is an Army Brat and her father is very against her being a lesbian.

5. Brook Soso

POLITICAL ACTIVISM. We don’t know exactly what Brook’s crime is yet, but we do know it has something to do with her being an activist.

6. Maria Ruiz

UNKNOWN. Maria’s exact crime isn’t clear yet, but we do know that she had a past littered with drugs, Dominican equality activism, and heartache.

7. Nicky Nichols

THEFT. We know that Nicky has had a rich upbringing but a troubled life. In one flashback, Nicky steals a taxi so that she can get to her dealer in time to get drugs, leading to her arrest.

8. Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren

MURDER (or so you are lead to believe). She has a little boy come to her house to play video games and she gets upset when he wants to leave. He falls from the fire escape trying to escape and, well, you can guess the rest.

9. Carrie "Big Boo" Black

UNKNOWN. We do know that she ran a gambling ring, but her exact crime that lands her in jail hasn’t been revealed yet.

10. Lorna Morello

STALKING/ ATTEMPTED MURDER. We find out that although Lorna has been saying Christopher is her fiancé, really she was stalking him and even attempted to murder his actual girlfriend.

11. Maritza Ramos

UNKNOWN. We know that she was involved in car theft schemes, but we have yet to find out what crime imprisoned her.

12. Norma Romano

MURDER. Norma fell in love with a cult leader as a young girl, but after every other of his wives abandons him and he insults her, she pushes him off a cliff.

13. Blanca

UNKNOWN. All we have seen so far in Blaca’s flashbacks are that she was a caretaker for an elderly lady and she gets the gardener fired because of their intimate relationship.

14. Janae Watson

THEFT. Watson robs a store and is arrested when the police catch her after chasing her and her boyfriend down. She was outrunning all of them and her boyfriend shouted at her to stop showing off, which lead her to be arrested as her boyfriend fled.

15. Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett

MURDER. Pennsatucky shoots an abortion-clinic worker. Although we are led to believe it is because she is religious, we later find out she only shot her after the woman was disrespecting her

16. Yoga Jones

MURDER. She was a marijuana farmer and one evening when she was high she believed a deer was eating her plants. She shot it, only to find out it was a little boy.

17. Sister Ingalls

SOCIAL ACTIVISM. Sister Ingalls is sent to jail after handcuffing herself to a flagpole at a nuclear test site.

18. Lolly Whitehill

UNKNOWN. All we know about Lolly is that she is extremely suspicious of the government, is mentally unstable, and was homeless for awhile.

19. Stella Carlin

UNKNOWN. We haven’t learned her crime yet, all we know is that she moved to America from Australia for her dad’s job and when her family eventually returned to Australia, she wanted to stay in the States.

20. Gloria Mendoza

FRAUD. Gloria is arrested for food stamp fraud.

21. Miss Claudette Pelage

CHILD LABOR/ MURDER. It is not exactly clear which crime she was imprisoned for, but flashbacks show that she ran a cleaning service using illegal child labor, and also that she beat a man to death after her was abusing one of her girls.

22. Aleida Diaz

NARCOTICS. Alida takes the fall for her boyfriend when they are caught with illegal drugs in her home.

23. Dayanara "Daya" Diaz

UNKNOWN. She grew up in an abusive, drug-filled environment, but we have not yet seen the exact crime to land her in jail.

24. Sophia Burset

FRAUD. We are led to believe that Sophia went to jail after committing credit card fraud to finance her hormonal therapy to transition into a woman.

25. Miss Rosa Cisneros

THEFT. Rosa was a bank robber and was presumably cursed, as every man she took as her lover would end up dead before the robbery was over. She was eventually caught during a heist.

26. "Black" Cindy Hayes

UNKNOWN. Although we do not know exactly what crime Cindy committed that sent her to jail, we do know that she was an airport security employee and that she would regularly steal from travelers.

27. Vee Parker

UNKNOWN. Although it was never blatantly stated, we would assume that Vee is in jail due to the drug ring she ran.

28. Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson

UNKNOWN. Although we do know that she was involved in Vee’s drug ring, which presumably could have led to her arrest.

29. Gina Murphy

UNKNOWN. But murder and embezzlement have been implied.

30. Leanne Taylor

NARCOTICS. Leanna grew up Amish and after leaving the community, she gets involved in a tough crowd and gets caught with drugs in her bag. She eventually agrees to incriminate her friends by wearing a wire.

31. Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales

FRAUD/ ENDANGERMENT. Flaca was selling fake drugs at her school and one of the kids who thought he was high jumped off the roof, and even though the drugs had nothing to do with his mental state, Flaca was arrested.

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