Dolls From The 50s and 60s That Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood

Barbie, dolls
Barbie Dolls

How many of these did you have growing up?

1. Barbie

The classic doll we all know and love. The stylish, talented, and classy Barbie.

2. G.I. Joe

The most popular male doll of all time: G.I. Joe.

3. Chatty Cathy

Mattel INC

The chattiest little doll you've ever seen, this gal was a Mattel best seller!

4. Tiny Tears

This baby could cry and sleep, which is basically like having a real baby, isn't it?

5. Trolls

Time Magazine

This doll has gone around and come back, first becoming a success in the early 60s, regaining popularity in the 90s, and seen today in the form of a trendy Halloween costume! Long live the troll!

6. Little Miss Echo

This was another talking doll that was wildly popular during her time.

7. Raggedy Ann

This fun little gal was a best seller for decades.

8. Little People


These Fisher Price Little People toys are still popular today.

9. Tressy

Lazy Daisy Jones

Tressy - The doll with hair that grows!

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