Cop Drops To The Ground To Calm Agitated Boy With Autism

cop, Bubba
Facebook / Bradley County Sheriff's Office

This deputy goes above and beyond to help his community.

Anyone who has any experience with children who have autism can attest to the fact that they are loving, insightful, and kind. However, they likely also will admit that at times autistic children may become quickly agitated and have a hard time calming down.

This Tennessee mother, however, knew exactly what might help her angry son during this situation.

Christy Richardson, mother of Bubba, called the county sheriff's office during one such instance of her son's anxiety because she knows that police officers help calm her son down. When she made the call, however, she never guessed just how far the deputy would go to help Bubba relax.

Facebook / Bubba's Life - Autism and So Much More

The picture above shows Deputy Corey Loftis of Bradley County Sheriff's Office down on the ground doing push-ups with Bubba. Loftis demonstrated to Bubba that push-ups can be a way to let out your inner frustrations when you're going through a hard time.

Richardson couldn't be more grateful to Deputy Loftis' kindness in responding to this incident.

Facebook / Christy Richardson

This simple situation just goes to show how a little compassion can go a long way.

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