Chill Pill Twinkies: A Treat You Didn't Know You Needed In Life Until Now

chill pill twinkies
Studio DIY / Jeff Mindell

Take a chill pill... a twinkie chill pill, that is!

We have found the perfect treat to give to a friend who needs to relax a little: a chill pill twinkie. Seriously, Theresa Rountree over at Studio DIY is a genius.

These delicious little treats are perfect for innumerable occasions: before your bestie has a big meeting, to bring to a coworker on a big day, or maybe for your boyfriend when he just needs to relax a little. The recipe is simple enough: a little vanilla, powdered sugar, some pink food coloring and of course, everyone's favorite guilty delight: twinkies.

These fun snacks are as delicious as they are adorable. Who in your life needs a tasty little chill pill?

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