7 Sneaky Ways To Exercise Without Even Realizing It


As a working adult, it can sometimes seem extremely daunting to fit in an hour or more to exercise every single day. I know for me personally, if I had to choose between an extra hour of sleep or an hour workout... well, unfortunately, I'm always gonna pick my bed over the gym.

However, there ARE some easy ways to sneak in a little extra exercise, just so you don't feel like a total lazy bum. Here are seven easy tips on how to get in a workout without even trying.

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1. Walk when you're on the phone

It's always good to keep in touch with friends and family through phone calls, am I right? While you're chatting away, though, it wouldn't kill you to burn off a few of those burrito calories from lunch, now would it?

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2. Ask your boss for walking meetings

Similar to the cell phone conversations, next time you need to meet with your boss or a co-worker, see if they're game to take a little stroll. EVERYONE could afford to get a few more steps in, and it will help you stay refreshed during the work day.

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3. Explore new places in your home town

It doesn't matter WHERE you live - there is always somewhere new to visit or explore. Whether it's the local woods, a museum, or even a thrift store you haven't ever checked out, getting out and moving by exploring new areas is a fun way to burn a few extra calories.

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4. Clean your home

This kills two birds with one stone - you probably needed to freshen up the house anyway! When you're crawling around dusting, picking up dirty clothes from the ground, or scrubbing your bathroom, you can bet that you're burning calories. It might not be an EXCITING idea of how to get a workout in, but hey, it's necessary and will make you feel better physically and mentally!

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5. Babysit

Have you ever noticed how so many moms are in great shape? They're constantly carrying around toddlers, chasing after children, and playing active games like tag or jumping rope. Volunteer to watch your sister's kids one night and watch the steps on your fitbit soar.

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6. Get it on

That's right - do the dirty. According to PLOS One, sex burns 3.1 calories per minute for women. Although this is almost half of what you burn during a regular cardio workout, it might be a more appealing option 😉

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7. Dance your heart out

Get your girls together and go out for a night of dancing. It's fun, and actually burns quite a few calories! You can also look for ways to dance throughout the day - crank up the tunes while you're brushing your teeth, take a little 5 minute dance break when you're having a hard day, and stay focused on burning calories the easy way!

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