7 Crucially Important People You Need to Meet By Age 30

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From friends to mentors, here are the people you need to have in your life by age 30.

As a young child, age 30 seems like a lifetime away. You assume that by 30-years-old you will have kids of your own, a job that you are extremely successful and happy at, and a spouse who is devoted to you and crazy about you. Unfortunately, for most of, 30 creeps up a little faster than we are thinking. It's like we're just celebrating being able to drink legally at the bar and then BOOM the big 3-0 hits. Wherever you are in terms of your career or love life, there are seven different types of people that you should absolutely have in your life by age 30.

A Career Mentor

This is SO important. You become who you surround yourself with, and it is a good idea to have many career mentors in your life. This one, however, should be someone who you truly admire and trust. They should be someone who is at least ten years older than you and has followed a path that you imagine yourself being on someday. You should feel comfortable going to them for advice on the tricker career issues you might run into and you should value everything that they advise you.

A Relentless Cheerleader

This person could be a family member or a friend, but they should be someone who will never stop rooting for the best for your life. Hopefully you have many people surrounding you who want the best for you, but this person will stand above the crowd because they will always put your best interest and happiness at the top of their list. This is the person who will always remember to text you before that big presentation and whose excitement for your life almost surpasses your own.

A Non-Judgemental Best Friend

The first crucially important person that you need in your life is a best friend who is going to love you through both your best and your worst. This person needs to stand by your side through thick and thin and always welcome whatever problem you're having or success you're achieving with kind, open arms. By the time we are thirty, most of us know which people really deserve our time. This best friend should be your go-to. They are the person who you could tell literally anything to and it wouldn't change their opinion about you. These gems are hard to come by, so once you've found one, never let them go.

A Brutally Honest Friend

For some of us, that brutally honest person in our lives might seem like less of a friend and more of a pain at times. However, it is so important to have a tactfully honest friend who will never let anything stand in the way of telling you the truth. Should you text your ex? Probably not. Is a bob flattering for your face shape? Honestly no. Were you being dramatic to your mom the other night? A little bit, yeah. You might feel the urge to resist telling this person things at times, but they are such an invaluable source of honesty and reality in your life. Find the person who tells it like it is, but does so in a way that is kind and intentional. This type of person will only help you grow and become better.

An In Case Of Emergency Contact

Now this one is important. It can be a family member, but remember it needs to be someone who lives close to you. If a real emergency were to pop up, this person needs to be someone that you can rely on to show up, no matter what hour of the day or night. We all need people that we can count on in our lives, and this person should be your go-to for when you really need someone to be there stat.

An OBGYN Who You Feel Comfortable With

As you get closer to your 30s, your relationship with this doc is going to change. They will see you through the relationships of your early twenties, any health scares you may have, and heck, they might even deliver your children one day! You should have a doctor who you don't dread going to see, and one who you feel comfortable being 100% honest and open with. The faster you find one, the easier these pesky visits are going to be!

A Trusted Stylist

By the time you're 30, you should have one stylist who you will let do anything to your hair. This person is someone who knows the texture of your natural hair and knows your face shape better and hair history better than you do. Once you're in your thirties, you do not want to have to feel anxious every time you head to the salon. Having a go-to stylist will ensure that no matter what new trend you might attempt to try, you know that it will turn out looking flawless.


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