27 Times Dating Made You Say NOPE

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Dating fails... Boy, bye.

1. Any cheesy pick-up line, anywhere, ever.


2. Blind dates

Nothing. But. Awkward. Nope.

3. Tinder... just Tinder.

Nope Nope Nope!!

4. The awkward first date goodbye

Do you hug? Shake hands? Kiss? Ummm... NOPE!

5. When he makes a comment about your weight/ how much you're eating


6. When your date can't handle his liquor

Ummm bye.

7. Those 2 am texts

Really? You "just want to hang out"? NOPE.

8. When he is shady about where he's at/ who he's with

I'm not your mom I was just asking how your night was. Calm down and BYE.

9. When your date bails and you are the third wheel


10. Unsolicited dick pics

WHO WANTS to see those? RUN!

11. The awkward "split the bill" conversation

I'm happy to pay for my share, but you don't need to awkwardly dance around the subject all night.

12. When you're bored out of your mind on a date

Just drink up, girl, it'll make it go faster!

13. The "hey" text

Are you dying? Are you bored? Did you text "hey" to every girl in your phone book? NOPE.

14. When he thinks you want to get married after the second date

EW you spent the whole night with spinach in your teeth talking about your cat. Trust me, I'm not trying to lock that down.

15. When he never calls


16. When his apartment looks like a pig sty

I'll show myself out, thank you.

17. The classic "send pics" text

Do you deserve pics? Nope!

18. When he has locked files on his computer

Pics from other girls? Nope boy bye.

19. When he has never mentioned you to his friends.

Nope. Bye.

20. When he flirts with other girls in front of you

Immediately BYE.

21. When he takes his phone calls outside

Are you the President of the United States? Is your business top secret? No? Sit down and take your freaking call in front of me.

22. When it takes him an hour to text you back, so you wait two hours to text HIM back

The games? Ugh.

23. When he don't love you like you love him


24. When he keeps talking about how hot other girls are in front of you

25. The "night cap" conversation

If I don't want you to come in at the end of the night, you are not entitled to coming in at the end of the night. BYE.

26. When he says anything chauvinistic in front of you

Oh, you think talking about women being bad drivers is a funny joke? Well I think this is our last date. Bye.

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