27 Things You'll Get if You're Dating Someone Who Eats Like a 5-Year-Old


When the food pyramid consists of chocolate, pizza, ice cream, chicken tenders, and sugar.

1. They’re hungry at weird hours of the day and never at meal time

2. No matter what restaurant you’re at… they want to order chicken strips

3. You try to make a delicious cordon bleu with melted brie and raspberry tart on top and they say they’d rather have mac and cheese

4. If you ever try to suggest anything even a fraction weird (aka sushi or acai bowls) they are completely disgusted with you

5. You try to make them healthy but their answer is always the same…

6. You can’t bring anything green within 20 feet of them without major revulsion

7. And when you do finally beg them to eat a vegetable they act as if you’re torturing them

8. They’re constantly asking to have dessert before dinner

9. They go through frozen pizza’s like it’s their job

10. They bake cookies on a weekly basis… and finish them all that night

11. Not only are their TASTEBUDS like a 5 year old, their manners are too

12. They spill

13. They slurp

14. They dip

15. They spit

16. They scoop

17. And they shove

18. They chew with their mouths open

19. And then they lick their fingers clean

20. They believe cheese is a primary food group

21. And so is chocolate

22. Plus, hamburgers are appropriate to eat for 2 out of 3 meals

23. And don’t forget about sloppy joes!!

24. Candy is practically its own meal

25. But, food is food.

26. And at the end of the day, they love what they love and you will never be able to change them

27. So embrace their eating habits and grab yourself a piece of cake!!

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