24 Little Things You Might Be Forgetting To Be Thankful For


There's more to Thanksgiving than just turkey...

1. The roof over your head tonight

2. The first smile you saw today

3. Your physical health

4. The fact that you can read this list

5. The food you had for breakfast

6. The family members you miss when you're lonely

7. The friends you've made - near and far

8. Your favorite movie

9. That one pillow you like more than the others

10. The best birthday present you ever got

11. The teacher who made an impression on you in school

12. Your mental health

13. Your education

14. The last sunset you sat and watched

15. Your favorite dessert

16. The November breeze

17. The stars in the sky

18. The years you've been alive for

19. The feeling of your favorite blanket at night

20. Your favorite song

21. The last glass of clean water you drank

22. The breath in your lungs

23. The smell of your favorite food

24. The last hug you got from someone

What else are you thankful for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

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