24 Witty Comics For When You've Got Anxiety, But You're Also Hilarious


"Not To-Do List: Overthink Everything"

Dealing with mood disorders such as depression or anxiety can be challenging - anyone who has suffered from either condition knows how exhausting, difficult, and overwhelming it can be.

British artist Gemma Correll suffers from both, so she knows that there's nothing inherently funny about the daily struggles of living with a mood disorders. However, she finds humor to be a good way of expressing her disorders and uses it as a coping mechanism.

Whether she's highlighting the perils of overthinking, sharing her dread at receiving a phone call, feeling bad for feeling bad, or just stressing about not being stressed, her simple style and witty humor makes us laugh, but it also makes us think.

For anyone who has every struggled with anxiety, these images will be real.

More info: Gemmacorrell.com | Instagram

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