17 Historical Pictures That Prove Why Selena Gomez Is America's Sweetheart


Selenators... your heart is about to melt

Selena Gomez has long been a household name. By now, most of us know that she got her start on Barney, dated Justin Bieber, and is currently the number one most followed user on Instagram. She's adorable, wonderful, and relatable. Here are seventeen images that prove just how much of a sweetheart Selena Gomez really is.

She Used To Kick It With Barney Back In The Day


I mean... how could you not love that little face?!

Barney Era Selena GIFs To Prove That She Is God's Gift To America


Make way for the princess, home from another casual day of slaying.


You can't even CONTAIN that sass!


Her excitement about this octopus is nothing short of perfection.


Even back in Barney days, Selena was a pop star on the rise.

After Barney, Selena Moved Onto More Advanced Roles

Miramax Films

Such as this cameo in Spy Kids 3

Disney Channel

Or this cameo in The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

She Started Rubbing Elbows With Other Disney Channel Stars

Disney Channel

Like longtime friend Demi Lovato for the film Princess Protection Program

Disney Channel

Or as a pop star alongside Miley on Hannah Montana

She Also Goes On To Star In Another Cinderella Story

Disney Channel

Where she is as precious as ever, naturally.

And Soon, She Landed Her Own Disney Channel Lead

Disney Channel

As the magically cool Alex Russo. This picture, I'm pretty sure is the literal definition of precious.

Disney Channel

This little doll enchanted us all.

Disney Channel

YGG Selena!!

Regardless of Your Personal Opinions About The Biebs..


You can't deny that they were pretty much couple goals when they were together.

And even through her heartbreak...


Selena always remained authentic and open. Even after her messy breakup with Justin, Selena continued to slay as a pop teen idol after performing an emotional and raw version of "The Heart Wants What It Wants" at the 2014 AMAs

She Goes On To Make Quite The Name For Herself


With singles such as "Come & Get It", "Same Old Love", and "Hands To Myself", Selena quickly rises to be one of the biggest names in pop culture.

Forever And Always, Selena Will Be America's Sweetheart


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