16 Things You'll Only Understand If You LOVE Going to Bed Early


Because you know that the early bird ALWAYS gets the worm!

1. You've always known where your priorities lie

2. As a child, you were that one kid who actually liked nap time

3. You could pretty much fall asleep anytime, anywhere

4. … Not much has changed.

5. You love the sun and believe your awake hours should follow its patterns

6. You enjoy the feeling of being productive in the morning

7. You basically have finished half of your day by the time your friends even wake up!

8. And you’re always bright and cheery when they are finally around

9. When you get invited to a party and the start time is after 10:00 PM you panic...

10. And you always dip out casually before midnight.

11. Your bed is your favorite sight every single night

12. Living with roommates is tricky, because everyone else is banging around at ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT

13. You’ve never had a booty call, mostly because by the time it’s booty call hours you’ve been long asleep

14. You’re pretty much used to being laughed at for your grandma-like sleep habits

15. But you know it’s in your own best interest and you couldn’t care less

16. Because feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep is the best feeling you can imagine.

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