16 Reasons Why Minnesota Slang Makes More Sense


Minnesota ya sure you betcha!

1. Let's just get this out of the way. We ARE Minnesota Nice.


Everyone's heard that Minnesotans are just so above and beyond nice that we get our own phrase for it. For anyone reading this who isn't from the beautiful arctic that is MN, the rumors are true: Minnesotans are just nicer!

2. Pop


Pop. Pop. Pop. It's just more fun.

3. Budge in line


We don't "cut" in line, we "budge" in line (actually if we're being honest here Minnesotans wouldn't do either - too nice for that nonsense). But really, the definition of budge is more fitting with the action of skipping a spot in line, so yet again, Minnesotans prove their superiority.

4. Duck, duck, grey duck


How did this happen? The world may never know. Us little Minnesotan children grew up shouting "grey duck" rather than goose. Maybe our Minnesota nice thought that a goose was too much of a mean insult? Maybe we are truly just the smartest state and saying "grey duck" made the game more of a challenge? Maybe we just like to be different. Either way... grey ducks for life!

5. "That's... different"


Back to the Minnesota nice. We would never flat out insult anyone or anything. So instead of saying "that's weird" or "that's stupid" we will kindly sugarcoat it into "that's... different". Different isn't always bad, but in Minnesota, it's a passive aggressive way of saying "hmmm I don't really like that but I'd never say it out loud so I'll just politely comment and move on with my life".

6. Uffda!!


There is no better exclamation anywhere. Period.

7. Up North


Minnesotans are ALWAYS going up North. Up to Grand Marais, up to the cabin, up to the lake. We love the North. That's just the way it is.

8. "Holy buckets"

Isha Zubeidi

Okay this one doesn't actually really make sense. Unless you consider the problem holy buckets would be for native Minnesotans bringing water from the lake to the house for a bath. That would be a problem. My guess is that's where the expression comes from. "There are holes in this bucket! That's a problem! Tell your father... HOLY BUCKETS!" Yup. Sounds about right.

9. "You gonna eat your tots?"


We ate tots before Napoleon Dynamite made them cool.

10. Minnesota Goodbye


Similar to Minnesota nice, a Minnesota goodbye is unique. Because we are so nice and friendly and know so many people at every town gathering, our goodbyes take awhile. What? It'd be rude to not give everyone a hug and assure them that they're invited over to your next casserole night!

11. Skol


Skol Vikings, Boo Packers! Apparently "skol" originates from the Viking days and was a form of encouragement passed around from one Viking to another. It roughly means "COME ON FIGHT YOU GOT THIS WOOHOO WE BELIEVE IN YOU", as you know, us Minnesotans gotta support one another! And beat the packers.

12. Ski-U-Mah


We've got some fun little phrases, don't we? The University of Minnesota (the real U of M, amirite?) encourages its students with a rowdy "Ski-U-Mah" which roughly translates into "we don't know what this means but it's fun to say. YAY GOPHERS!"

13. Parking ramp


It is a ramp. Not a garage. A garage has a door that can be closed. A ramp has an eternally open entrance. End of story.

14. Hair binder


Do you use a hair tie to put your hair up? Do you tie it? No. You bind it. Case closed.

15. Ya, you betcha!


Next time you're sad, just say "ya you betcha" in your heaviest, deepest Fargo accent. It'll cheer ya right up in no time!

16. "It could be worse"


This is the Minnesota unofficial motto. It could always be worse. There could always be more snow. It could be -30 degrees instead of just -15. We just choose look on the bright side in good ole Minne. Never fails to keep our spirits up!



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