16 Reasons TSwift Struck Gold With Thiddleston


Reader be warned: you are about to fall MADLY in love with this man.

1. Why Tom Hiddleston?


So. If you didn't know Taylor Swift is now dating Loki, you've been living under a rock. It's been all over the news, social media, the internet... even my grandma is up to date on their latest Rome endeavors. However, people keep talking about this story and the drama between Taylor and Calvin Harris, the legitimacy of it, etc. Yawn. At this point, we couldn't care less if it's real or not. We're more interested in examining just why Tom Hiddleston is actually THE perfect man Taylor could ever land.

Read on, but beware. You are about to have a new, seriously raging celebrity crush.

2. First off, Taylor and Tom are perfect for each other


Before getting into why Tom is, in fact, the perfect human, let's just comment on how they're perfect for each other. They are both dancing machines. If you haven't watched this video yet, now is the time my friend.

3. Now let’s talk about Tom’s face


4. He's a phenomenal actor


Have you SEEN his movies? This man gets a role, and he commits. He's beautiful, talented, and fun. Literally the dream.

5. He can do impressions like a BOSS.

SERIOUSLY talented and gorgeous.

6. He speaks multiple languages


7. He can rock a dance floor like nobody's business


By now you've watched the dance off video (refer to number 2), but have you seen him dancing on his own? Tom doesn't need a partner to own the room.


And might I add he looks suave while doing it. Here is the full video, to assist you further in your current fangirling.

8. Seriously. His hips don't lie.


I mean come on is this even fair?!

9. He works with unicef


How are your ovaries feeling right about now?

10. He believes that love is a priority.


Um hey Tom, if you and Taylor don't work out... I'm single and ready for love!

11. He's witty


Tom, we will stay up ALL night to get Loki.

12. He's a sweetheart


AND he likes tomato soup. He can bring me a warm snack any day.

13. He is a straight up gentleman


14. He is REAL.


Check out this article by vulture and tell me you aren't in love by the end. He orders eggs benedict off the menu? He already has a parenting philosophy? He reads Norse mythology? He WINS at life.

15. Literally Tom is the FULL PACKAGE.


And now, I will just leave you with beautiful images of the perfect man. Tom, when Taylor leaves you... call me!!!!!


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