14 '80s Movies You are Required to Show Your Kids Today

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These 14 Classic '80s films need to be watched immediately.

1. Ghostbusters

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If your children haven't already seen this movie, I know what you should be doing tonight.

2. Footloose

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Time for your kids to learn the importance of dance!

3. Pretty in Pink

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Molly Ringwald was the definition of chick flicks in the '80s

4. Back to the Future

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This movie is a classic - but don't forget to show your kids Back to the Future II so they can see what people pictured 2015 looking like back in the '80s!

5. The Princess Bride

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Your kids, no matter what age, will love this fairy tale rendition of true love.

6. Big

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A random wish caused this child to grow up into an adult - your kids will howl with laughter through Josh's adventures!

7. The Breakfast Club

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If your kids haven't already seen this movie, they've definitely heard it quoted before - time to pull it out and fill them in on this quirky and fun film!

8. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Has anybody watched this movie recently? Bueller... Bueller? Not that we ever want to encourage our children to skip school, but we do want them to learn to live their lives!

9. Dirty Dancing

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Sure - you might want to wait until the kids are a little bit older to show them this one. But by age 16, everybody should know that nobody puts Baby in a corner!

10. The Goonies

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Everyone who watches it adores it. What's not to love?

11. E.T.

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This movie will always be a family favorite.

12. Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Classic Indiana Jones... need I say more?

13. Sixteen Candles

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All young girls will be able to deeply feel Samantha's experiences throughout this film!

14. The Karate Kid

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"Wax on, wax off!" It's about time your kids understand this quote, along with the true meaning of perseverance that we all learned from this movie!


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Pretty in Pink

Back to the Future

The Princess Bride


The Breakfast Club

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Dirty Dancing

The Goonies


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sixteen Candles

The Karate Kid