13 Times Kids on "America's Got Talent" Gave You All The Feels

america's got talent

Grab the tissues... you'll be needing them.

1. Laura Bretan 13-Year-Old Opera Singer

The judges are in awe of her magical performance. Simon tells her that he has never heard anything like that in all of the years he has been doing the show, and that the fact that she is so sweet and humble made it even better.

2. Laura Bretan's Golden Buzzer

And Mel B follows by saying this show will change her life.

To see this full wonderful performance click here.

3. Yasha and Daniela's Sassy Spirit

So these little munchkins start off looking adorable in their costumes and talking about their future together.

Their spirited dance moves and powerful personalities get them four yeses. Watch the full video here!

4. Grace VanderWaal's Incredible Performance

This beautiful and humble little girl writes her own songs, and has been singing since she could hardly talk.

Her performance is followed by a roaring standing ovation, and tears from her 15-year-old sister who is her "best friend". When Howie Mandel says that she is a "living, beautiful, walking, miracle" and there is not a dry eye in the house.

5. Grace VanderWaal's Golden Buzzer

All of the feels. Watch the full video here!

6. 4-Year-Old Kaitlyn Maher Is Perfect

This adorable little nug awes the crowd, earning her four yeses. To watch her full adorable audition click here.

7. Chloe Channell is a Perfect All-American Girl

This little cutie belts out some Carrie Underwood and wows the crowd.

Awwwwww. To watch her full performance, click here.

8. Arielle Baril's Incredible Opera Performance

This beauty has a voice like an angel and impresses the judges with her incredible performance.

9. Arielle Baril's Golden Buzzer

To watch her mesmerizing full audition, click here!

10. Heavenly Joy's Fantastic Audition

This gorgeous little ball of energy starts off by impressing everyone with her adorable personality.

She's cute, fun, and talented. You NEED to watch this full video here.

11. Mara Justine Is Shy But Powerful

Her fantastic voice gets her four BIG yeses from the judges. To watch the full emotional audition, click here!

12. Calysta Bevier Overcomes Her Obstacles

13. Calysta Bevier's Golden Buzzer

A true inspirational story. To see this powerful full performance click here.

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