14 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A True Jersey Girl

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1. Food Is Just Better In Jersey. Period.


Bagels from NJ? The best. Pizza? Bigger than your face. Taylor Ham?? You're salivating right now, aren't you?

2. Life Is Better With A Gas Attendant


I mean, who really wants to pump their own gas, anyway? It's much more fun to sit and complain about how slowly the attendant is doing it.

3. You're Either From North, South, Or Central Jersey


DO NOT get it confused.

4. But No Matter Where You're From, You Can Agree...


Everyone hates Staten Island.

5. You DON'T Know Snooki, So Everyone Can Please Stop Asking


Really?! Jersey Shore premiered in 2009. It has been EIGHT YEARS. You don't know Snooki, and you'll be rolling your eyes at the asker of this question forever.

6. You're Not Afraid To Use A Choice Four Letter Word


Yeah, sure, your language might seem a bit... colorful compared to the corn-fed Midwesterners or sweet-tea sippin' Southern belles. But hey, you just know how to express yourself!

7. Your E-ZPass Is Your Life


Tolls? No thank you.

8. You Have Literally Zero Desire To Move To New York


Sure, NYC is cool and all. But Jersey has absolutely everything that you could ever need. You're happy to live there, and you have little intention of relocating to the big apple.

9. The Jets And The Giants Actually Belong To You


Hey New Yorkers, ever heard of a little thing called the MetLife Stadium? Where is it? Oh yeah. JERSEY!

10. Wawas Are Your Stomping Ground


Because it is so much more than a convenience store.

11. Diners Are A Way Of Life


You've spent more late nights at these babies stuffing your face with fried food than you could ever count.

12. You Define Yourself By Your Exit


You would never tell someone that you're from "Sayreville", you'd say you're "Exit 124". Duh.

13. IT. IS. NOT. "JOISEY."


'Nuff said.

14. Nothing Compares To Jersey Pride


There is NO WHERE better to live, and no where else to be more proud of! Eff-yeah Jersey!!

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