10 Things You'll Understand if You're Dating a Wine Snob

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Because apparently there's a big difference between Franzia and Chateau Margaux.

1. Your date nights are dominated by restaurant's with leather bound wine selection books.


House wine? Pass.

2. You've never mentioned that you used to drink $2-buck-chuck or boxed wine in college.


Unless you want an hour long lecture about how the box can't hold the flavor like a bottle can, that is.

3. There is a RIGHT and a WRONG way to drink wine


And as you are constantly reminded, you drink wine the WRONG way.

4. You can only drink red wine with steaks and white wine with desserts


Oh yeah and there are a whole lot of other rules to follow, too.

5. Champagne isn’t wine, and you’ll never make that mistake again


After the 30 minute long lecture you received upon stating that you loved your champagne which was actually Prosecco because it's from Italy, you now know that Champagne is a region in France and apparently is the ultimate bubbly drink (you were happy with your $7 sparkling wine, to be honest).

6. Although some great wines CAN come out of New World countries, for the most part you are restricted to drinking Old World wine.


Old World = traditional wine making countries (think Italy, France, Spain, etc.); New World = pretty much anywhere else.

7. If the label doesn’t say AOC, DOC, DOCG, DO, or something of that nature, he’s not buying it


And if you don't know what that means, then you're drinking the wrong kind of wine.

8. You’ll never pick out a bottle of wine to surprise him with.


Unless you just wanna drink alone.

9. Each wine has a specific type of glass they should be drunk from- and have a specific temperature they should be consumed at as well.


These details may seem nit-picky, but to a wine snob it makes all the difference.

10. TBH, to you, a wine that feels good is a wine that tastes good. Although you’d never tell your wine snob that.


Eh... so you're just as happy to drink your $5 bottle as their $150 bottle. No need to bring them down, right? And at the end of the day... A drink is a drink!

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