Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Oklahoma Slang?

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Are you a true Okie?

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 Jan 19, 2019
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What is another name for a refrigerator?
An ice box
Cold storage
Cold machine
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Where's the best place to go during a tornado?
A bunker
A fraidy hole
As close to it as possible
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You'd most likely refer to your home or regular haunts as which of these?
Your stompin' grounds
Your cribs
Your resting places
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Y'all work hard around here- what is the Oklahoma motto?
Hard work, hard hearts
Labor conquers all things
Effort is success
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Many places serve delicious "sticky buns" around here! What do these comprise of?
A delicious cinnamon roll
A cinnamon dusted donut
A crunchy churro
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If you're a "Sooner" what school are you attending?
University of Central Oklahoma
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Packing doesn't always refer to suitcases around here! What are you in possession of when you're "packing"?
A heavy messenger bag
A gun
A lot of responsibility
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What lake can you go to between Texas and Oklahoma to fish striped bass?
Eufaula Lake
Keystone Lake
Lake Texoma
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What is a twister, to an Oklahoman?
A tornado
An alcoholic beverage
A dance move
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Which country singer from Oklahoma wrote “Shoulda Been a Cowboy”?
Toby Keith
Alan Jackson
Johnny Cash
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Of course you're proud to be from the ______ State! Why wouldn't you be?
Show Me
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If your friend is "fixin to" go to town, what are they doing?
Planning on making dinner
Fixing his car so he can go into town
Going to head into town
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Y'all better have an appetite worked up! What is the proper size for a chicken-fried steak?
A hand
A tray
A plate
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If you grab a "buggy" at the grocery store, what are you really getting?
A baby carriage
A shopping cart
Bug spray
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When would someone say "preciate it"?
When they're grateful
When they're irritated
When they're confused
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As an Okie, how are you pronouncing "wash"?
Close to "warsh"
Like "waawsh"
So it rhymes with "cash"
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Uh oh, there's a "coyote" in your backyard. How do you shout that word out?
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If you "go weak," it's probably because of:
Falling in love
A really funny joke
A rigorous hike in the Oklahoma mountains
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Dangit, just caught a skeeter! What is this?
A nickname for the flu
A mosquito
Neighborhood vermin
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