How Well Do You Actually Know Coffee Slang?

Are you a true coffee lover?

 Aug 09, 2017

1 of 10Define the term dark roast

pixar, Syndrome, finding nemo, darla, incredibles
Probably temperature and time of roast!
It's darker than light roast, duh!
It's brewed in a dark coffee pot!

2 of 10What does Venti mean?
Oh oh it means small!
Venti means 20, so 20 right?
Hmm large?

3 of 10What does expresso mean?
Pressed! It means pressed!
Wait, isn't it espresso?!
A hot cup of coffee of course!

4 of 10Define the highest caffeinated roast

5 of 10What is a coffee filter?
Less of a mess!
It stops coffee from burning!
It traps the grounds!

6 of 10What is drip coffee?
A steaming cup of coffee brewed through a fliter
Coffee that brews with individual drips
Coffee with a higher caffeination than espresso

7 of 10Define iced coffee
Coffee that cools and sits overnight!
Freshly hot coffee poured into a cup of ice!
Iced cubes made out of coffee!

8 of 10What is a cappuccino?
Coffee heavy on the ice!
Coffee with a whole lot of foam!
Coffee prepared with a lot of steamed milk!

9 of 10Do you know what arabica and robusta refer to?
It's totally temperature!
It's definitely the locations coffee was founded!
The two coffee strains, DUH!

10 of 10What does decaf mean?
The coffee has half the amount of caffeine!
There is no caffeine in the coffee!
Secret's the same as caffeinated coffee
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