Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every "Breakfast Club" Fan Should Know?


Most people can't answer these 22 questions about The Breakfast Club - can you!?

The Breakfast is a cult-movie classic! If you can answer all 22 of these questions you're a Breakfast Club expert!

 Dec 15, 2016
1 of 22Pick your answer.
What is the name of the high school the Breakfast Club Attends?
Shermer High School
Schwartz High School
Smith High School
2 of 22Pick your answer.
They meet and start their detention in _________.
A classroom
The cafeteria
The library
3 of 22Pick your answer.
Where does Bender get locked in?
The bathroom
A classroom
A closet
4 of 22Pick your answer.
What is Allison's secret?
She's a compulsive liar.
She's a virgin.
She cheats on tests.
5 of 22Pick your answer.
What is the one thing they all have in common?
They all have tough relationships with their parents.
They all hate the vice principle.
They all smoke weed.
6 of 22Pick your answer.
"Claire is a _______ girl name."
7 of 22Pick your answer.
Who eats sugar sandwiches?
8 of 22Pick your answer.
Andrew played which sport?
9 of 22Pick your answer.
Who crawls through the ceiling?
10 of 22Pick your answer.
In what room do the boys dance on the table?
The cafeteria
The library
The art room
11 of 22Pick your answer.
Claire and Bender kiss ________.
On the football field
In the library
In a supply closet
12 of 22Pick your answer.
Who does Bender compare the principle's outfit to?
John Travolta
Barry Manlow
Billy Joel
13 of 22Pick your answer.
Brian got an F in shop class because he couldn't make a ceramic ______.
14 of 22Pick your answer.
What is Bender's catch phrase?
Eat my shorts.
Piss off.
You got it dude!
15 of 22Pick your answer.
How many sandwiches does Andrew have at lunch?
16 of 22Pick your answer.
Which character didn't eat lunch?
17 of 22Pick your answer.
Whose drink of choice is vodka?
18 of 22Pick your answer.
Who writes the essay?
19 of 22Pick your answer.
What does Alison take from Andrew?
His notebook
His jacket
His state champion patch
20 of 22Pick your answer.
What does Claire give Bender?
A bracelet
A lock of her hair
A diamond earring
21 of 22Pick your answer.
Which stereotype is missing from the following: "an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal."
A cheerleader
A brain
A nerd
22 of 22Pick your answer.
What is Bender walking across when he raises his fist in the air at the end of the movie?
The parking lot
The football field
The gym
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