The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Blake Lively's Instagram


The typically crowd-pleasing Blake Lively has set the internet aflame with this racially insensitive instagram

1. While at the International Cannes Film Festival, Blake Lively has been the unofficial queen (or honorary disney princess)

2. But even Cannes Princess's can make Instagram mistakes


3. In Lively's instagram post, the caption states, "L.A. face with an Oakland booty."


4. For those who don’t immediately get the reference, the caption is a quote from Sir Mix-a-lot’s song “Baby Got Back,"

a much-beloved 90's rap anthem that's only gained popularity in our booty-obsessed era.

5. The problem is that the “L.A. face” and “Oakland booty” has racially insensitive connotations and it's particularly strange being quoted by Lively. Twitter, to say the least, has not been happy.

6. But the majority of her 8MM followers have come to her support and are appreciating her 90s rap lyric throwback.


7. We're with you Ms Lively! Baby Got Back!