Simon Cowell Says This 12-Year-Old Ukulele Player is The Next Taylor Swift

Howie Mandel proclaims that little Grace VanderWaal is the most talented singer to grace (pun intended) the stage of America's Got Talent. She stunned the audience and the judges on with a heartfelt original song and may just the the next Taylor Swift!

1. “America’s Got Talent“ may have just found the next Taylor Swift. She even has the same adorable haircut!

2. Her name is Grace VanderWaal, and she proved that she's got the “it” factor as soon as she walked onstage with her trusty ukulele.

3. Judge Simon Cowell asked if she really believed she could win. She responded charmingly: “Miracles can happen. So, possibly.”

Youtube/Americas Got Talent

4. When it came time for VanderWaal to perform — her original song "I Don't Know My Name" — she had the judges hooked from the moment she opened her mouth.
Youtube/Americas Got Talent

5. After hearing and seeing her sing and a standing ovation from the crowd, Howie Mandel leapt out of his chair and slammed down the buzzer, saying "You're original...and the world is going to know your name!"

We agree with Simon and have a very strong feeling that this girl is going places, FAST!

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