Spanx Came Out With Arm Tights, NEW Spanx For Your Arms, But How Do You Wear Them?

How To Wear Arm Tights Spanx /

How to Wear Arm Tights: Spanx For Your Arms

Tucking, toning, trimming, tanning - these are all methods we use to hack our bodies into looking better or to feel more comfortable. Some are better than others (Spanx Shapewear FTW). And some are more mind boggling than others (I'm looking at you Ta-Ta Towels).

Spanx has done it again and this time it's not for our legs, but rather our arms. Spanx Arm Tights is launching their new product on September 25th and founder Sara Blakely, reasons their existence, "a solution that will smooth and flatter your arms and feel super luxe on the skin too." She adds: "We wear tights on our legs to transition skirts and dresses into the fall and winter seasons, but why not on our arms?"

Arm Tights are just this: "It's basically a crop top made out of tights," Blakely explained. "We made it cropped for less bulk under clothes and the arms are completely seamless too."

How To Wear Spanx Arm Tights:

What do you think of Spanx new Arm Tights? Think you'll wear them in another way than listed above? Let us know in the comments below! We're always looking for new fashion trends and insights from our readers!

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