Famished Rottweiler Rescued After Being Chained In Snow

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She's come so far from her nights alone on the icy ground!

When leaving your house and your beloved animals alone, it is everyone's worst nightmare to think that you may not return.

While most people do come home to slobbery, wet dog kisses and leaps of joy, you always wonder if there are owners who don't or can't come home to their waiting animals.

In this case, one beautiful rottweiler was victim to this horrible circumstance when her owner was unable to return home because they were sent to prison. To make matters more heartbreaking, this loving dog was abandoned while tied outside in the frigid cold. She was so cold and weak, she could hardly stand up when help arrived!

After being transported in the cab of a cozy, warm truck, she ate lots of food, took lots of warm naps, and slowly but surely gained 10lbs!

She was adopted by a loving family with a big, green backyard, lots of tennis balls to chase, and enough love to thaw even the most frozen heart.

Thousands of people have already shared this happy ending on Facebook, gaining traction on social media and in the news.

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