5 Go-To Lip Colors That Make Your Face Look Better

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Every now and again (read: basically every day), we need something fresh on our face that makes us feel 24 again. Lipstick, a nice bronzer, a full martini -- anything that will help us get through the day. Here are 5 go to lipstick colors that are sure to liven your lid!

One of our favorite Instagram accounts, StudioDIYby Kelly Mindell has finally released her favorite (and much requested) lipstick colors and we're thrilled! Here they are!

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in #08 Whipped Blush


This little gem is $14 at Sephora and instantly brightens up the face. The pink color is so vibrant that it can be worn any time of year. This isn't just a summer shade.

It was very easy to apply neatly, and, even through several cups of coffee, it stays on completely! When we tested it, we noted that it does start feeling a little dry after several hours of wear, but it still looks great. And, in reality, we'll take the ability to be able to wear a bright lip color to a meal or to drinks without fear of smudging!

http://studiodiy.com/2016/08/04/five-go-lip-colors/ Photos by Jeff Mindell

Another Sephora winner, this coral is cheery, unexpected, and will make anyone smile! We love the scent, color, and consistency too.