16 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Pasadena Girl


Be prepared to get hot and sweaty.

1. It’s not weird to go hiking on a first date.


Unless one of us slips and falls into a stream of water. But that would just make the date unforgettable, right? Plus, the mountains are just a few miles away from us, so heading back to dry off wouldn't be a hassle.

2. Barbeques with strangers? Totally normal for us.


Pasadena has over 20 public parks, with people who love to barbeque at public events or with their families. We love our ribs, mac and cheese, and collard greens, so don't be shy when it's time to grub.

3. Be prepared to get hot and sweaty.


Whether it's training on the track and field, hiking, dipping in the pool, or playing a sport, we love to stay active. We've all tortured our quads and glutes on the 2,400+ stairs at the famous Rose Bowl Stadium, and will most likely want to torture yours too.

4. We’re Bruin bred…but not really.


Although UCLA is in West Los Angeles, it's basically our college football team. Why? Because the Rose Bowl is the Bruins' home field, and the Rose Bowl is of course, in our beloved City of Roses.

5. We will judge you if you don’t know what the Rose Bowl is.


Our great-grandmothers know what the Rose Bowl is. It has hosted five Super Bowls, two Olympics, and some of the most historic college football games. It has even invited some of the biggest music legends to perform. We might cut you some slack if you're not from the West Coast. Otherwise, there is no excuse to not know what the Rose Bowl is!

6. We aren’t high maintenance.


We can get down with just about anything and don't need very much to be happy. Want to eat McDonald's? Sure. Want to take a walk at the park? Sure. Want to watch a movie at the $3 movie theater down the street? Yes. Want to go to Disneyland to pick up some pickles? Double yes.

7. We’re huge Jackie Robinson fans, even if we don’t know a thing about baseball.


Robinson lettered in four sports (basketball, baseball, track, and football) at John Muir High School, Pasadena City College, and UCLA. He made history when he became UCLA's first athlete to letter in four sports and when he became the first African-American to make it to the major leagues. He's basically our God.

8. We believe breakfast burritos were invented at Lucky Boy.


We will take you here to eat the best breakfast burrito in town. They don't ever skimp on the sausage and bacon, and they have the perfect proportion of meat, hash brown, cheese, and tortilla.

9. SMH if you’re a Cowboys fan.


We might not have an NFL team near us (although the Rams returned home to Los Angeles this year), but this is Texans territory. Or actually, any-team-other-than-the-Cowboys territory. Who likes the Cowboys anyway?

10. If we’re from Pasadena High School, don’t compare us to Muir High School girls, vice versa.


Yes, the pride that comes from which high school we attended lasts throughout college, and for many of us, through life.

11. We like a man who knows football.


Better yet if he plays. With one of the most iconic stadiums in the midst of our city, football is no stranger to us. We've been to some of the biggest college games in history. Don't let us school you.

12. Our go-to burger joint? "In-N-Out over everything" is our motto.


Don't try to convince us that Shake Shack, Whataburger, or Five Guys is better. Just don't.

13. Celebrities, schmalebrities. We don’t really fangirl.


We've seen celebrities everywhere - On the streets, at Starbucks, at the mall, in our backyards…we don't really care for them (unless it's Obama...or Brad Pitt).

14. Seasonal moodiness doesn’t exist with us, because there are no seasons here.


What is June gloom and summertime sadness? No idea.

15. We have probably dated a gangster at least once in our life.


At one point, more than half the guys in the city were "gangsters," so it's no biggie. Just a fun, harmless fact.

16. We’re dating like… 8 of you at the same time.


Just kidding. But really, we just mean that...well...what we're trying to say is that...we're basically Beyoncé.

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