21 Pictures That Prove You Should Go To Australia Immediately

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(especially if you live in these cities: Minneapolis, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Detroit). Airline wars are being waged--we advise you to take cover in the closet airplane bound for the land down under. We've never seen travel this cheap to Australia!

1. $386 roundtrip tickets on United. Say what??


United is offering record low fares between several US cities and its destinations in Australia, including Melbourne and Sydney. Assuming you can begin travel in Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle or Salt Lake City and end in Los Angeles, you can cross the Pacific from just $386 round-trip (Melbourne) or $398 round-trip (Sydney). This sale is crazy cheap and everyone should stop what they're doing and book now.

SecretFlying points out that you can get the fare down as low as $380 by starting in any of these cities and returning to Los Angeles. Other tips for scoring this insane deal are here.

2. The sunsets will make you feel like you're no longer on Earth

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photo by Johan Lolos / Facebook: lebackpacker / Instagram: @lebackpacker

3. Their wildlife give zero fucks


You have to admit, you're impressed.

4. They invented this.


and it's called the millionaire's shortbread. Nuf said. Recipe here

5. There are no guns. And we don't mean maybe.


Literally. 20 years ago, the Australian seized nearly all privately held guns (nearly 650,000), and since then, no one has died as a result of a mass-shooting on Australian soil. Throw another shrimp on the barbie because this place is legit safe.

6. One man's blood saved the lives of 2,000,000 babies


After discovering that one man's (James Harrison) precious blood held the antibody for the deadly rhesus disease, Australia had this man donating every week and mapping his blood to create an antigen. He and Anti-D are credited with saving the lives of more than 2 million babies, according to the Australian Red Cross blood service. Let's get this man a beer for crikey's sake.

7. Rare white whales are just waiting to be seen


Last August '15, a rare white humpback whale was been spotted off the coast of Queensland and there was hopes that this whale was Migaloo, the famous white whale named by Aboriginal Elders. No biggie. Just the very whale the elders spotted. and named. and it's hanging out waiting for you to snap pics of it.

8. Arguably the most beautiful beaches in the world are here


Australia does not mess around with their beaches. Whitehaven Beach (on Whitsunday Island) has which sand consists of 98% pure silica. It's basically like sunbathing on a baby powder beach.

Oh sweet mother earth, these Australians are crushing the beach game.

9. You can cruise, top down, along the Great Ocean Road


The Aussies' seaside version of Route 66, takes you past some pretty insane rock formations.

10. Margot Robbie is Australian


We should all go and see if she has a brother or a twin. #australiangenes

11. You have front row seats to the best boxing matches on earth


NBD. Just kangaroos duking it out in your driveway. Hope they don't bump the rental car.

12. The whole universe is literally in your hands

Johan Lolos / Facebook: lebackpacker / Instagram: @lebackpacker

Photos by Johan Lolos / Facebook: lebackpacker / Instagram: @lebackpacker

Johan Lolos / Facebook: lebackpacker / Instagram: @lebackpacker

This place is Fair Dinkum Aussie magical wonderland!


What are you waiting for? Let's go!