13 DIY Christmas Gifts For Mom That Will Make Her Cry

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1. This Adorable "Baking Cookies Together" Personalized Storybook and Apron Gift Set


There is nothing better than baking sweets and treats together, and what better way to tell your mom you love spending time with her, than actually spending time with her! This I See Me customizable book allows you to create a storybook and custom aprons that embody our most cherished times in the kitchen.

Buy/Create It On Etsy $49.99

2. Create This Stunning Marbled Ring Dish For Her Special Things

Spending time on the ones you love is time well spent. Every woman, young or old, has special items that they need to keep safe and contained. That doesn't mean you run to target and by the first ring dish you see! With this incredible tutorial, you can create a stunning marbled ring dish (trinket dish) for the woman you love most! A Beautiful Mess did all the heavy-lifting and has created a stunning video tutorial (below) and written instructions on how you can create an amazing marble dish as the perfect DIY Christmas gift for mom.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • white, black, and colored oven bake clay (a few ounces of colored clay and the 1.75 pound white clay will make several dishes!)
  • X-Acto knife or plastic clay knife
  • small bowl or baking ramekin that is oven safe
  • gold liquid gilding and small paintbrush
  • rolling pin or large round jar
  • large can or jar to trace around
  • glaze to seal dish (optional)

Check out A Beautiful Mess to see the rest of the instructions and watch their wonderful youtube tutorial:

3. This Precious DIY Birthstone Bracelet

"The Most Precious Jewels You'll Ever Wear Around Your Neck Are The Arms Of Your Children." - unknown

A mother loves all of her children equally and what better way to let her cherish her babies by wearing them on her wrist! Charm Bracelets are very easy to make and you can personalize them with the birthstones of your mom and of her children!

4. Lovely Painted Wooden Bowls


Adding color, texture, and design to life's most mundane items can make them magical again. These DIY painted wooden bowls are the perfect DIY Christmas present and Design Improvised has nailed the execution!

*While we wouldn't put food in these bowls, they make great catchalls on your desk or coffee table!

5. DIY Pet Photo Pillow

Does your mom like/love the family pet more than you? Do you sometimes wonder if you weren't born, if your mom would have been just as happy with lil Rover or lil mittens? Don't fight the obvious, embrace your furry sibling and show your mom how much you love the family pet with these clever pet photo pillows!

Pawlibra makes them for $13.99

PawJoy for $29.00

You can never go wrong with pictures of cute dogs or cats, especially if they're yours.

6. Creative & Crafty Personalized Notebooks

Does your mom love her lists? Do you find that she carries her calendar and day planner everywhere? Embrace her type-A personality and make her a personalized 2019 notebook or planner. You can include ribbons, stickers, jewels, her favorite colors, the list goes on!

Check out this incredible DIY Notebook Youtube Tutorial Here:

7. DIY Wire Photo Frame/Grid (Filled with Love)


Decorate your mom's life with love, sentimental quotes, and pictures of the amazing life you've had together (thus far). These wire photo frames are a modern, and chic way to display your life and swap out the photos easily.

Target sells one for $9.99

Urban Outfitters has one for $29.99

8. This thoughtful mug with customizable states that she'll use every day

9. A precious necklace depicting Momma starfish and all her little starfish children.

10. A phone case so she can have her title of "best Mom ever" literally on hand wherever she goes.

11. A darling music box to play the tune of your own special mom-child song

12. A quirky cartoon rendition of your family that'll be a lovely addition to any wall.

13. A customized necklace crafted from a personal photo or hand-drawn doodle.