Quiz: How well do you remember "Ever After"?

celebs, movies/tv, pop culture

"Now then, what is that phrase you use? Oh, yes. Once upon a time ... "

Test your memory of the magical 90s spin on the classic fairy tale starring none other than Drew Barrymore: "Ever After"!

 Aug 03, 2017
1 of 10What is Danielle doing when the prince first lays eyes on her?
Ever after, drew barrymore, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
Brushing her long, auburn locks
Throwing apples at him
Boiling water for her evil stepsisters
2 of 10Who plays Danielle's saucy evil stepmother?
Ever after, drew barrymore, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
Jessica Lange
Anjelica Houston
Glenn Close
3 of 10What classic fairy tale is "Ever After" based on?
pop culture, movies/tv, celebs
Sleeping Beauty
4 of 10Who does Danielle's sister Jacqueline have a major crush on?
Ever after, movies/tv, pop culture
Captain Laurent
5 of 10Who does the prince leave at the altar?
Ever after, movies/tv, pop culture
The Princess of France
Danielle's sister, Marguerite
The Princess of Spain
6 of 10What famous artist is shares his wisdom with the lovebirds?
Ever after, movies/tv, pop culture
Leonardo da Vinci
Van Gogh
7 of 10Danielle to almost becomes property of Pierre le Pieu, who does what?
Ever after, movies/tv, pop culture
He's a pirate
He's a landowner and furniture trader
He's the town blacksmith
8 of 10What is Danielle's special badass skill?
Ever after, drew barrymore, movies/tv, pop culture
Sword fighting
9 of 10Who finds the glass slipper and gives it to the prince?
Ever after, shoes, fashion, movies/tv, pop culture
A village peasant
Danielle's artsy benefactor
The prince's father, the king
10 of 10Where does Danielle's evil stepmother end up?
Ever after, movies/tv, pop culture
She's exiled to the Americas
She works as a laundry maid
She gets locked in the castle tower
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