Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember "The Golden Girls"?

golden girls

“The Golden Girls,” brought us 7 whole seasons of primetime TV gold. Take this quiz to find out how well you remember those fab four Miami gals!

How well do you remember the primetime classic "The Golden Girls," find out just how you'd truly fare at trivia night by trying out this quiz!

 Sep 20, 2017
1 of 12What was "The Golden Girls" theme song?
golden girls
You've Got A Friend
Thank You For Being A Friend
With A Little Help From My Friends
2 of 12Pick Your Answer!
golden girls
What late night snack did the girls eat plenty of?
3 of 12What was Dorothy's profession?
golden girls
Substitute Teacher
4 of 12Sophia moves in with the girls because ________?
golden girls
She was sick of living alone
Her retirement home burns down
She wanted to save money
5 of 12Which of "The Golden Girls" is known for being a bit of a floozy?
golden girls
6 of 12Where do Blanche and Rose meet for the first time?
golden girls
The Supermarket
The Laundromat
The Airport
7 of 12What was Sophia's nickname for Dorothy?
golden girls
Ditty Pie
Sugar Lump
Pussy Cat
8 of 12Pick Your Answer!
golden girls
Blanche has a granddaughter by what name?
9 of 12Pick Your Answer!
golden girls
In season 1, Rose dates Dr. Newman from work, why does he break up with her?
She wasn't Jewish
She was too old for him
She was too tall
10 of 12Pick Your Answer!
golden girls
The girls invest in a mink business, but why does the business fail?
A bandit steals all of the minks
The minks are too old
The minks get moldy
11 of 12Pick Your Answer!
golden girls
Rose and Blanche hosted a telethon to preserve The McKinley Lighthouse, a local landmark. What was the lighthouse destroyed by __________?
12 of 12Pick Your Answer!
golden girls
Dorothy gets married on the very last episode, but to whom?
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