58% FAIL This Southern Slang Quiz. Can You Pass?

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 Jan 03, 2018

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"That dog won't hunt," doesn't refer to a peace-loving canine. What does it mean?
Something is a sure thing
A sick and frail puppy
Something is useless or won't work

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On a road trip, your buddy points out that there's a "Y" in three miles. What's a "Y?"
A police officer up ahead
A round about in the road
A fork in the road

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What is a "buggy"?
A shopping cart at the grocery store
A coffee shop
An elevator

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Your mom asks for you to tell your brother to stop "piddling" around. What is "piddling?"
Concentrating on one task
Wasting time
Begging for money on the street

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Your friend described their child as "knee-high to a grasshopper." What are they really saying their kid is like?
Covered in bugs
Short or petite
Gentle with nature

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What does "cattywampus" mean? How would you define it?
Mean spirited
Someone who loves coffee

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If someone "tanned your hide," they didn't give you nice cow pelts. What does this term mean?
beat up or spank
provide a spray tan
condition and treat a leather product

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When "the devil is beating his wife..."
It's raining outside
someone is running their luck
chaos ensues

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Your aunt tells you to "sit a spell." What is she asking you to do?
help her summon ghosts through her ouija board
sit back and relax
stop cursing

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A polite southern belle says, "Bless your heart!" What is she REALLY saying?
You're an idiot
may you be graced with the lord’s love
best of luck

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What would you call a sweet, carbonated, caramel-colored beverage?

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If your girlfriend is "fixin' to," what's she doing?
getting ready to go somewhere
craving food or feeling hungry
repairing her car or an appliance
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Don't throw a hissy fit, sugar; you're in the right place! If you're from the South, you know that we've got a special way of communicating that the rest of the world knows little about. If Mama tells you that she's "fit to be tied" you know that you'd better get your chores done right away. You've personally "sweated like a sinner in church." And, you know that a correctly timed "Bless your heart" can be a strategic insult. Here's some of our all-time favorite Southern slang (and definitions, if any of you Northerners are watching).