A woman with condition in her hair
You’re Probably Using Conditioner Wrong - Here’s The Step You’re Missing
If you've been finding that your hair still lacks moisture and softness even after you condition it, it could be because your hair is too wet when you apply the conditioner.
To use conditioner properly, all you have to do is wring out the excess water so your conditioner can do its job and give you the luscious hair you’ve been working for.
Your hair should be damp but not sopping wet. By wringing your hair, you "allow[s] the conditioner to penetrate instead of rolling off hair," as hairstylist Min Kim told Glamour.
The same can be said for leave-in conditioners, which are left in the hair without rinsing. These conditioners are helpful for fine hair, curly hair, and damaged or dry hair.
Unlike shampoo, conditioner works best when it has a few minutes to soak in your hair and restore some of that lost moisture from washing, so let it sit before you rinse it out.